Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Aleada Media Group is a digital marketing firm specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We work with businesses to help them gain more brand visibility and increase their revenue by increasing website traffic through tailored SEO campaigns. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the organic ranking of a website on all search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Why Search Engine Optimization Matters:

  • Search engines help 81% of users find their desired destination. SEO ensures that customers can easily find your website and, more importantly, your services.
  • 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results, which means you need to get on the first page to capture people’s attention.
  • SEO is the best long-term way to stay ahead of the competition in search results, but it requires time and energy.


Rank Higher in Results, Stay Ahead of the Competition & Get More Leads

Built For Companies Who Prioritize Results Over Wasted Time.

When it comes to the way Aleada Media Group does business, people come first. We put the relationships we develop with clients and the results we help them achieve before everything else. Our team is an extension of our client’s businesses. Whether you need constant updates from us, or simply want a monthly report detailing recent SEO efforts and results, we are here. We provide custom experiences to help achieve your goals and lift your bottom line.

Transparency & Real-Time Results

The work we do and the results we achieve are built on complete transparency and communication, so you know firsthand how our efforts increase your website traffic, online rankings and revenue. We provide our clients with the insight to help them enhance all their marketing efforts. We always start with our SEO Strategy Sprint, which provides important website optimization tactics and technical functionality improvements with our website quality audit to help you convert and get ranked fast. Once we get the website buttoned up our next main focus is on content via Content Sprints. Here we offer content calendars, content workbooks, suggested keywords and content briefs.

Better & Better

One of the tenets we hold for optimization, SEO is never stagnant and neither are we. Google’s algorithms are constantly updating, so SEO is frequently in flux. By continuously learning and investing in our systems and techniques with the latest SEO technologies and tools, we help our customers stay ahead of the competition and on the first page. Through our search engine optimization services, Aleada Media Group ensures that our client’s websites include relevant content, keywords, links, page titles, meta descriptions, schema and all other critical ranking factors for Google. We frequently optimize our clients’ websites to ensure they rank for the most relevant keywords related to their services in search. This strategy gives our clients a competitive edge over outranking competitors.

Off-page SEO

Off-page optimization is critical in establishing a brand’s credibility and enhancing its overall online presence. Off-page SEO focuses on activities off the client’s website with the main intent of bringing in website visitor’s and driving backlinks.

On-page SEO

An attractive, optimized business website is the best way to increase online traffic and convert leads. Our on-page optimization service enhances search engines’ trust in your website and aligns with the latest SEO industry best practices. We help our clients publish unique and value-added content through extensive keyword and industry research, optimized HTML tags, headlines, and meta details.

Local SEO

More than half of customers search for local businesses online using Google. Aleada Media Group uses local SEO to improve our client’s ranking with optimized an Google My Business (GMB) and other on and off-page SEO tools to attract high-intent local customers and partners.

Organic Content

One of the best ways to stay relevant with customers and climb to the top of your industry is to publish quality, organic content like blogs, newsletters, press releases, and other information. Search engines, such as Google, favor websites that prioritize fresh, original content. Aleada Media Group has a team of experienced content strategists and writers who produce the highest quality SEO content for your website.

Do You Know Your Website’s Potential?

Our traffic projection tool will show your website’s true organic potential and how much money you should be making. Using data from your website, our traffic projection analysis can accurately forecast how much traffic your website could get from Google.

If You Have to Ask, You Need Search Engine Optimization

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