Website Development

Website Development

Having a mobile friendly and responsive website is an absolute must for any business. Your customers are online and if you are not putting your best foot forward on your website then you are leaving money on the table.

Aleada Media Group specializes in high performing responsive website development and e-Commerce websites.

Responsive Website Development

Having a responsive website is a non-negotiable in 2021. With many of your customers accessing your site on mobile or tablet, having a site that only displays well on desktop is no longer an option. Your website needs to display correctly on all device types. At Aleada Media Group, we believe that mobile responsive website design isn’t just about the design and development of a layout for a handful of scenarios. It is also about the user being presented with the right content at the right time, regardless of what device they are using.

Responsive website design is the philosophy and practice of creating an interface that is able to respond to the various screen sizes we’re accustomed to today from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and mobile phones. Responsive web design responds in real time to user behavior and to unique environments or situations as it is now common practice for users to move from one device to another without leaving a web page. A true responsive design will make this transition completely seamless.

Aleada Media Group specializes in responsive website development creating a seamless experience for your users. Not only do your users benefit from the experience but Google has mobile-first indexing as well. This means that Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. That being said, all websites we build keep that in mind and focus on the mobile user experience in addition to the desktop version.

Long story short, if you do not have a responsive website you need one!

e-Commerce Websites

Consumer behavior is changing and and as it does e-Commerce becomes more and more important. That being said, having a fast, reliable e-Commerce website is often one of the most important parts of a modern online business. In many cases today, businesses depend solely on the online sales of their product or service without the need for a brick and mortar shop. By focusing so much of their efforts online, a great responsive e-Commerce website is critical. The connected world we live in allows for a seamless shopping experience right from your living room, connecting the warehouse to your front door.

Businesses looking to offer e-Commerce on their website have several decisions to make prior to deploying their latest web design. A few decisions that are not up for debate anymore are responsiveness, dependability and security. All e-Commerce websites need to be responsive, dependable and secure in order to provide the customer with a great user experience. A website that does not display correctly is going to suffer in regards to brand image and a lack of conversions. A website that has poor uptime is going to find their customers shopping elsewhere. A website that is not secure is not going to have any purchases because customers will not feel safe inputting their information and credit card.

E-commerce trends have evolved just as quickly as website design and development. If you offer an online shopping experience on your website, it must be accessible on all types of electronic devices, from cell phones and tablets to laptop and desktop computers. Many people will make purchases on their tablet or mobile phone, regardless if they’re on the couch or out with friends, so ensuring that your e-commerce site performs well on those platforms is essential. Professional responsive website design is a must not only for mobile commerce but for SEO and user experience as well.

Our Process


Step 1

We start the process by completing a thorough intake process where we complete our Website Development form with the client

Step 2

The next step is for us to create initial design mockups for the client to choose from

Step 3

After a mockup is approved we begin building the new website on a staging platform to not disrupt the current site and ensure a seamless transition when we take the new site live

Step 4

Once the new website is complete on the staging site and is approved by the client we take it live!

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