5+ Best LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies

Five of the best LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies that work for your success. 

#1. Set Up A Professional Company Page

Having your company page set up correctly is essential. You need to have all relevant information posted and contact info up to date. A page logo and cover photo are also important as they are the very first impression of your branding. Check out ours here for an example.

#2. Start Sharing Regular B2B Content

Having a consistent content posting schedule helps you stay in front of your audience. But don’t just post anything. Make sure you tailor content that fits your audience’s interest. Be relevant!

#3. Grow Your Fan Club & Related Communities

Although the audience scale on LinkedIn is much smaller than that of other social media, they are more likely to engage with your business in the long-term. Thus, it is important to optimize your business page to be accessible to LinkedIn members and get more followers.

Part of growing your followers is inviting connections to follow your company page. This is an easy way to grow your following, increasing your chances that your connections will engage with your brand. They, in return, have the potential to become leads and sales!

#4. Promote Your Profile To Get More Followers

Promoting campaigns is the next step in our recommended best B2B digital marketing strategies for LinkedIn. As the platform evolves the organic reach declines but using promotion to get in front of your target market on LinkedIn still works. This isn’t to say that LinkedIn still isn’t one of the best platforms for organic growth but promotion does help.

#5. Make Use Of LinkedIn Analysis For Results

The built-in LinkedIn analysis features makes the best B2B digital marketing strategies more actionable and reliable. To be specific, you will get instant updates on how good or bad the company page’s performance is, providing the ability to adjust the content accordingly to reach more audiences.

So far, LinkedIn supports a wide range of metrics. However, which you choose is based on your objective set by your best B2B strategies.

Other LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies

Sponsored InMail Messaging

Sponsored InMail messages have a significant increase in CTR compared to any other type of messaging on LinkedIn. This is definitely among the best B2B marketing tactics for LinkedIn as it helps you get in front of people that you might not be able to otherwise. What we are saying here is don’t underestimate InMail.

Organic Interactions

It might seem simple or outdated but it will always work. Genuinely connecting and interacting with others on the platform can open many doors. It could be a simple comment or an offer to help that starts a successful relationship on the platform.

We will come back to this exciting topic soon to update you on more useful information and tips. Stay Tuned!

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