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The Search Engine Optimization Process in a Nutshell

The Search Engine Optimization Process in a Nutshell Search Engine Optimization is the practice of growing a website’s traffic from organic search results. Everyone can do it and it offers virtually free traffic. But like many things in life, success lies in understanding the correct process and sticking with it. We wanted to sum up the process in a nutshell. Your Websites Technical Must Be In Order Technical factors will impact your rankings within the search engines and prevent your site from even appearing in the search results. Any 404

Tips To Boost Local Rankings. SEO solutions

Tips to Boost Local Rankings. Local SEO Solutions

Tips to Boost Local Rankings – Local SEO solutions Local SEO is the process of increasing your business’s presence in local search to attract more customers and clients. There are many guides that show how to do local SEO from start to finish but some are daunting. We’ll make this as simple as possible so you can start getting ranked easily and fast. First and foremost Claim your Google Profile and optimize it. Google gives every business a free GMB which is built for local listings and provides searchers with

The Top 5 Web Hosting Providers

The Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers

The Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers Web hosting is not reserved exclusively for businesses, as anyone with a website, including portfolio and bloggers’ sites will benefit from web hosting services. The hosting provider you choose is crucial to the success of your website. There are so many reasons why having a good hosting provider matters. A reputable web host keeps your site online and helps you avoid unnecessary downtime. We will explain our five (5) favorite web hosting providers depending on what you want your site to accomplish. These

Biggest SEO Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Biggest SEO Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Biggest SEO Mistakes & How To Avoid Them It’s easy to make mistakes with an SEO campaign and it’s easy to fix those mistakes as well. Which SEO mistakes are you making? The mistakes in this article are actually very significant and can really hinder your chances of getting ranked. Joke; “Where is the best place to hide a dead body? Answer: Page two of Google” Continue reading, and you’ll find out some of the biggest mistakes in SEO and how to avoid them: For starters – Not doing keyword

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Do You Know Your Website’s Potential?

Do You Know Your Website’s Potential? Our traffic projection tool will show your website’s true organic potential, aka how much money you should be making. Using data from your website and your competitors, our traffic projection analysis can accurately forecast how much traffic (and revenue) your website could be getting from Google. Set up a call to get your free Traffic Projection Analysis! GET MY PROJECTION 

How To Stay Competitive

How To Stay Competitive in A Mobile-Friendly World

How To Stay Competitive in A Mobile-Friendly World Learn why having an amazing mobile version of your website is an absolute must. Since Google announced that it had started experiments on shifting page indexing to mobile-first, there has been a lot of talk and tons of speculation. After a year and a half of experimentation, finally and officially, mobile-first indexing is rolled out. Your customers are likely to access your site from different devices and to meet the goals of your website it is your responsibility to provide them with the

SEO & Content Marketing

How We Get Amazing Results Through SEO & Content Marketing

How We Get Amazing Results Through SEO & Content Marketing SEO marketing and content often are seen as synonymous, but this is not the case. How to combine SEO and content marketing for amazing results. SEO and content marketing are often seen as synonymous, but that’s not the case. While it can be difficult to differentiate between the two in some instances, the truth is they’re two different marketing approaches. However, they do fuel each other. In this blog, I want to teach you how we get amazing results with

The SEO GMB Guide

The Ultimate SEO Guide to Google My Business

The ultimate SEO guide to GMB The Ultimate SEO Guide to Google My Business This guide will answer questions about Google My Business, and provide answers to many common questions people have about utilizing the platform while Achieving great visibility on Google as a local business has never been more important for sustained growth and success. In fact, it has been reported that 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information and that 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information, meaning that if it is not your business that

How to Improve A Website & Have Search Engines Rank It.

How to Improve Your Website & Make Search Engines Rank Your Site

How to Improve Your Website & Make Search Engines Rank Your Site If your website resembles a random collection of pages, both humans and search engines will have a hard time finding the right information. A website’s architecture refers to how its information and pages are structured and linked. It’s a very essential part of on-page SEO and user experience and it’s offend overlooked. Let’s look into how we can fix it. In this guide, we’ll share strategies that you can implement today. Why Does Website Architecture Matter? Website architecture

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Does Duplicate Content Impact Your Rankings?

Myths and facts about how duplicate content impacts your Search Engine Optimization If you own a business and do digital marketing, chances are, you’ve probably heard of duplicated content. Many people believe that duplicate content is one of the worse SEO mistakes you can possibly make. Do not worry, it really isn’t. Many people do not even know what duplicate content means and really how it impacts your SEO campaign. To get started, let’s understand exactly what duplicate content is. What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content just means that your

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Website Redesign + SEO Checklist

How to avoid big drops in your rankings. If your website is no longer reaching its potential, then it might be time to look into redesigning your website. One case study found that a website redesign improved leads by 314 percent along with their SEO campaign. Website redesigns can be costly but trust us, it’s a much better option than wasting money year after year with a website that’s inefficient. When redesigning your website, it’s very important to avoid pitfalls that can hinder your SEO. Now let’s dive into a

Learn How To Adopt Digital Marketing 2022

Prediction: What Changes Are Going to Happen To Digital Marketing In 2022

Predictions That Are Going to Change Marketing In 2022 We want to share some opportunities for your marketing efforts in 2022. This is the time of the year when you get to take a step back, see what has worked so far and what hasn’t, and put these trends and predictions into practice. For the rest of this year, there is a fair chance that the marketing industry will be more exciting and unique than ever before. So let’s get to it and hopefully, you can start to implement a

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2022 Search Engine Optimization Hacks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hacks that you can implement today In this post, I’m going to give you an advanced SEO to-do list for 2022, which is going to go over in-depth tactics that you aren’t seeing anywhere else. These strategies will give you a distinct competitive edge and can help you get that much sought-after boost in the SERPs. Plenty of businesses comb through blog posts, online courses, and webinars that all promise to help them improve their on-site SEO, only to find themselves reading the same basic information

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Content Marketing Vs. Search Engine Optimization

The truth is, it’s hard to do SEO if you do not have content Content marketing vs. SEO A lot of people actually say this is a false debate because content marketing and SEO should work together. If SEO’s about optimizing pages on your website The truth is, it’s hard to do SEO if you do not have content Content marketing isn’t just about pushing content onto your own website. You can actually do content marketing on several different platforms. Video content like Youtube, and Facebook, social media content, podcast

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How We Use Local Search Marketing to Attract Customers

Nearly half of all Google Searchers are looking for local information Whether they’re looking for products or services, they’re on Google, and, if you’re not, they’ll never find you. Therefore, any digital-savvy business needs to use local search marketing to ensure that prospective customers find them first. What is local search marketing? How is it different from local SEO? How can you implement it quickly and easily as a busy business owner? What Is Local Search Marketing? local search marketing is when you promote or advertise an in-person company that

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Blog Posts Are Still The Top Asset to Engage With Your Audience & Generate Leads For Your Business

82 percent of companies actively use content marketing to grow their business Great content is one of the most effective ways to drive business growth. There are moments when you’re chock-full of motivation. Ideas leap out of your mind and straight onto the page. Other times, you might spend hours trying to come up with a good idea, much less write your first sentence. It happens to all of us. However, blog posts are still the top asset to engage with your audience and generate leads for your business. In fact, 82 percent


See How We Get You Massive Amounts of Traffic

See How We Get You Massive Amounts of Traffic Search Engine Optimization – unlock massive amounts of SEO traffic. See real results. Our team creates amazing content that will get shared, get links, and drive more traffic. Book a Call to Get Your Custom Strategy Site Audit – our team will analyze your site, your industry, and your competitors to show you where we find the opportunities. Action Plan – Get a detailed execution plan for how we can achieve your goals and drive more organic traffic. Proposal – We give you detailed

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SEO Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website

SEO Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website On average between 75-95% of individuals who leave a site always avoid it. So as an advertiser your objective ought to be to change over these individuals into your clients before they leave the site. For most organizations, the site is the essential instrument to draw in guests. There is an immediate connection between the nature of the leads and the time they spend on the site. This permits the advertiser to consistently make better suggestions to build the hour of the

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What to Change In The New Year || The Marketing Guide

What to Change In The New Year || The Marketing Guide A list of the top digital marketing changes to implement for 2022 What to Change In The New Year || The Marketing Guide It’s that time of year again. You need to know the biggest things happening in the marketing world so you can strategize wisely and implement them quickly. Digital marketing is always changing and evolving, but 2022 will likely hold some very dramatic changes. We are going to list some of the top digital marketing changes for


Above the Fold Content & How to Use It Properly || You Must Know

Above the  Fold Content and How to Use It Properly to Attract Attention In the world of web design, “above the fold” refers to the part of a website the users see at first sight without scrolling. Though the concept has expanded over the years, many still believe the information you display at the top of your webpage can impact user experience, bounce rates, and SEO. WHAT DOES “ABOVE THE FOLD” MEAN? In the publishing world, above the fold once referred to the stories featured above the fold of a