5 Websites We Like and Why You Should Like Them Too

We spend a lot of time online looking at websites. You could even say that it is part of our job. That being said, we keep our eyes out for websites we like and features within those sites that draw us to them. Here is a handful of websites that we like and why we think you should like them too. 


Colony is a branding studio in Los Angeles, CA. Their website is simple, clean, and lightning-fast. They do an excellent job of displaying their portfolio in a way that keeps you watching and sucks you in. With great images, graphics and animations, Colony does a fantastic job of capturing your attention. The story the website tells makes it very clear what they do and who they work with. The content on their site is also light and straight to the point so you never feel lost in the depths, keeping you focused on completing the desired actions.


Avantt is a typeface. I know what you are thinking, “A website about a font? What is interesting about that?” While the font itself is nice, that isn’t what we like about this site. This site has a unique horizontal scroll instead of the standard vertical scroll. Although not as intuitive, it is cool! We love how they use subtle animation in a way that effectively displays their product. It is just enough to keep your attention but doesn’t detract from the overall site. The website also has a few areas that allow the website visitor to interact with the site. Couple all of that with a very clean design and muted colors and you have a highly effective and unique website.

Simply Chocolate

Simply Chocolate is anything but a simple site. It is beautifully designed, well organized, informative and vibrant. They display their products on the homepage making it very easy to complete their desired call to action, buying chocolate bars! The animation they have on each chocolate bar is also great! Not only do you get to see the bar but they take you through the process of opening the packaging and breaking a piece off. It is extremely satisfying while also being informative as you get to see the inside of the chocolate bar too. A very well-thought-out and executed website.

Loud&Clear by Spotify

Loud&Clear by Spotify is just that. The premise of the site is to be more transparent about Spotify’s business practices. They do this with vibrant colors and clear organization. The site is intuitive to navigate and visually appealing. The information is concise and displayed in a manner that is easy to consume. While the site is not a marvel of design by any means it really works well. The goal of the site is to be informative and it does that in a great way. We love the colors, the boxes, and how it keeps you on one smooth scrolling page. It is simple and effective. Something we are always striving to do.


Snov.io is a great site for conversions. There are calls to action all over the place. The goal of this website is very clear, they want you to sign up for their solution. The site is informative, answers questions, and has countless examples of social validation. We like how they do not try to hide their objective but it somehow does not feel pushy. They also have a lot of useful tools and information for website visitors so it’s also a great resource even if you don’t sign up for their paid plans.

There is nearly an endless number of great websites out there but these are a few of our current favorites. Website design is constantly changing and staying on top of the design and best practices are important for a business’s online presence. If you are interested in redesigning your website, please reach out to us at Aleada Media Group today!