8 Reasons Why Your Website Should be on WordPress

WordPress has been gaining steam since its inception in 2003. Since then it has managed to garner over ⅓ of all websites on the internet! Gone are the days of WordPress not being a great platform. Companies such as UPS, GM and Microsoft have joined the likes of Sony Music, The New York Times and The Walt Disney Company to use the platform for their websites. Pretty good company if I do say myself. That being said, WordPress has become the most used platform on the web and for good reason. Here we will go over 8 reasons why your website should be on WordPress. 

#1 – WordPress is an Open Source Platform

This translates to highly customizable websites that can integrate with just about anything. Even prebuilt themes are customizable. Due to this, WordPress has thousands of plugins that make it easy to integrate advanced features into your website. Or even better, if you have the skills you can build those features yourself and integrate them.

#2 – WordPress is Naturally SEO Friendly

The CMS that WordPress uses makes it very easy for search engines to crawl the sites resulting in higher rankings. Out of the box, WordPress is SEO friendly but with the addition of SEO plugins it only gets better.

#3 – WordPress is Dynamic and Can Handle Different Media Types

Whether it be images, video, text, sound or an embedded code, WordPress can handle it. This allows your to easily give your website visitors more than just text and that makes everyone happy.

# 4 – WordPress Can Handle Websites of All Sizes

WordPress has the capability to scale to any size necessary. Anything from a single page site to a site with thousands of pages and more features than you can think of, WordPress can handle it. Like I mentioned earlier, there is something to be said for some of the world’s biggest companies using WordPress.

# 5 – WordPress Security is Top Notch

The security measures WordPress takes on a regular basis makes the platform extremely secure. WordPress also has a team of 25 top notch security experts that keep the platform secure. As the CMS is such a widely used platform it poses potential for an attack but this team keeps security tight so the platform is able to function safely.

# 6 – It is Mobile Friendly

In 2021 having a mobile and responsive website is a necessity and WordPress often time does this automatically. Whether you are using a custom or prebuilt theme, WordPress makes it easy for your website to display correctly across all devices. This is more important than ever as Google now penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly and ranks them lower in the SERPs.

# 7 – Site Management is Simple and User Friendly

The backend of the CMS is intuitive and very simple to use. This allows people of all skill levels to be able to use WordPress and use it at a high level. Whether you are a seasoned web developer or not, managing your website can be done with some basic knowledge. On the other hand, the platform is robust enough for high levels of customization for those with the skills and know how.

# 8 – WordPress is Free to Use!

Yes, you heard that right. The WordPress platform is free to use.

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