Are You Ready for the Digital Future?


We don’t know how you answered this question at the beginning of this post, but we assume that at the very end of it, your answer is no. 

Just take a look at these digital marketing trends and see how many checkmarks you can put:

  1. Privacy is a big deal moving forward. Is your marketing strategy ready for the up-and-coming privacy mode?
  2. Social media continues to evolve — so you might need to hire that CTTO (Chief TikTok Officer) and experiment with new platforms and mediums.
  3. Being human now matters more than ever. Is your brand human?
  4. People increasingly expect brands to showcase conscious marketing practices. Are you leading this transformation, broadcasting your brand’s efforts and engaging in conscious marketing?
  5. Metaverse is already here. Are you “at the ready-steady-go” for it?

Don’t worry — no one quite is fully embracing all of these trends as yet. But they will surely stick, so you should find ways to embrace each one of them, little by little, while the competition is yet not stepping on your brand’s digital toes.

What does this mean for us as marketers?

  1. Brand placement in virtual worlds is an inevitable part of future marketing. And if you’re not familiar with the way to do that in the upcoming years, you may be starting from a difficult position.
  2. It won’t be long till we see 3D versions of websites. Imagine an ecommerce site that operates as a virtual store (looking like a virtual version of your good old brick-and-mortar) rather than a set of product listings.
  3. We might have to employ and create our own virtual games — to build up brand awareness and appeal to the changing audience.
  4. You might want to invest in creating virtual collectibles and branded NFTs (the so-called digital ‘flex’). We are likely to see how digital logo mania will replace our usual Balenciaga’s and Gucci’s — signposting exclusivity, virtual hierarchy, and a new sense of belonging to a trendy community. Unlike those cheugys, of course. And brands should leverage this up-and-coming new mode of social signaling.
  5. Experiment with launching direct sales through AR/VR apps.