Content Marketing Vs. Search Engine Optimization

The truth is, it’s hard to do SEO if you do not have content

Content marketing vs. SEO 

A lot of people actually say this is a false debate because content marketing and SEO should work together.

If SEO’s about optimizing pages on your website

The truth is, it’s hard to do SEO if you do not have content

Content marketing isn’t just about pushing content onto your own website. You can actually do content marketing on several different platforms. Video content like Youtube, and Facebook, social media content, podcast content, live events.

So we can say content marketing has more potential to generate traffic than SEO if you think about it more holistically.

Beyond just visitors, you could be getting views to your YouTube videos, engagement, followers, even clicks on social media channels, people listening and subscribing to your podcast, viewers in your live events.

Most people are trying to get more visitors to their own website…

Let’s dive in

CONTENT MARKETING & SEO working together

First off it’s all about targeting the right keywords and offering amazing content and giving searchers what they’re looking for when they search on Google.

This involves both SEO and content marketing skills.

Just think about it. Whenever you search on Google and you land on a website that you don’t like

What do you do?

You click the back button.

That’s why content marketing is important.

Yes, you want the ranking but you also want to make sure that the content matches what the intent is of the searcher.

Now writing great headlines and meta descriptions can really help. No matter how great your content is, if it doesn’t get clicked on, it won’t generate traffic.

This is another way they work hand in hand.

Knowing how to write and test headlines is an SEO skill by nature and it supports your content marketing efforts.

Another thing you should be doing is optimizing your content for readability.

And that not only involves creating content but also knowing how to serve that content piece in a way that’s easier to read by your visitors.

 Again, this skill both involves content marketing and SEO.

User Experience

How to user experience improvements.

From mobile load time to optimizing Core Web Vitals.

There are lots of technical measures that you can implant for the best experience when consuming your content.

The bottom line is your content won’t perform well unless you do SEO as well.

Sure, you might get a social boost but if you want long-lasting traffic, you must focus on SEO and content marketing at the same time.

If you need help with content marketing and search Engine Optimization please contact us and we can walk you through our process.