What Are Core Web Vitals & Why Are They So Important

Optimizing for this Core Web Vital prevents users from making accidental clicks or getting frustrated because they’re taken to a page other than the one they intended to see. Visual stability enhances the user experience and improves your overall SEO performance. 

Core Web Vitals are a set of three main metrics that Google factors as important in your webpage’s overall user experience. These Core Web Vitals quantify measurements for page speed and user interactions. To put it simply: Core Web Vitals are a subset of factors that are part of Google’s “page experience” score, a.k.a. Google’s way of judging your page’s overall user experience (UX).

Google makes it clear that a great Page Experience score will not magically push you to the #1 spot in Google search results, BUT they have mentioned Page Experience is one of over 200 factors that they are using these days to rank sites in search results.

You can find your website’s Core Web Vitals data for both Mobile and Desktop experience in the “enhancements” section¹ of your Google Search Console account.

Why Are The Web Vitals Now So Important?

As of June 2021, Google considers Page Experience as an official Google ranking factor. Page Experience is a mix of factors that Google places importance on for an overall positive customer experience. These include:

  • Serving your page via HTTPS
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Lack of intrusive interstitials (annoying pop-ups)
  • “Safe-browsing” (essentially: please don’t have malware present on your pages)

Core Web Vitals have become particularly important parts of your Page Experience score. In fact, it has become clear to us at Aleada Media Group that Core Web Vitals will soon be known as the most heavily weighted aspects of your Page Experience score.

We at Aleada Media Group understand this can be a lot to absorb, so we would be happy to perform a site audit for you and help improve your Page Experience scores, including these Core Web Vitals.

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