The Art Of LinkedIn Outreach And Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networking sites available in the world today. However, LinkedIn has another advantage that most people may not utilize: 

5 Tips For LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn has gone beyond acting as just a platform for networking. Every day, people are uncovering new business partners, boosting sales or conversions, and attracting brand new leads. Stay ahead of your competition, and get active with LinkedIn marketing.

1. Study Your Prospect’s Profile And Business

Ask A Question They’ll Care About

Tip: you do want to include some sort of asking to keep the conversation active.

Give Them A Reason To Reply

Save The Selling For Later

Keep Track And Follow Up

Keep in mind: Your prospects aren’t looking for multi-paragraph messages from salespeople they’ve never interacted with before. Find your common ground, then get the discussion started by making it all about them.

Now—before you hit the ground running with these tips, make sure you’ve  got a strong follow-up plan that’s set you and your inside sales team up for success

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