What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Their Website

Nowadays, a website is the first interaction you will have with a potential client and the place where you will lead all of your other online efforts to impress customers, and/or potential customs. To avoid getting too technical, when you think about your website, you should think of it as your permanent salesman. This salesman is available 24/7 promoting, educating, and helping current clients with all their needs. Your website is the one crucial multi-tool of your business. You can use it to educate society on what you do, and what your business is about. 

In case you’re not yet convinced that you need a website for your business. Let’s Dive In!

The first thing people will do is search for you online.
  • What if someone is searching for a business in your industry and is not able to find you because you are not there or nowhere to be found. (No credibility) A recent study states that 81% of people research a company online before making a purchase. Don’t miss out on making sales by not having a site that people can find with their fingertips.
  •  Your competitors probably have one. Imagine one of your customers is searching for you and your business but finds your direct competitor’s website and calls them up instead of you? The cost of having a website and implementing SEO is much higher than the cost of not having one
  • Branding – A website is a perfect place to showcase your work, who you’re, and what you stand for. On top of that, it will help build credibility with your customers. I.E social links, contact forms, and FAQ sections.
Best Practices of Successful Websites

Every website is personal. They represent your company and if you ask 10 different business owners how they would like their site to look, you would probably get 10 different answers. HOWEVER, it’s important to stick to the common rules of a great web design. Failure to follow the common best practices will result in a cluttered website that ultimately fail to fulfill its goal. And that goal is to be your NUMBER 1salesman.

4 Common Concerns When Building Your Website
  • Domain: The name of your site, i.e., {{business name}},
  • Hosting: The place where your website lives, rented space on the world-wide-web.
  • Content Management: An easy-to-use system to edit and manage your website.
  • Analytics: Track the success of your website or online marketing campaigns.

Let’s Build Out Your Own Permanent Salesman Today!

Hopefully, after going through this guide, you have a better idea of why you need to have a website or redo your current site to a GREAT site. The main takeaway from this article is that you need a website that is responsive and contains the information your visitors need to be able to work with your company.

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