Is Your Website Ready for SEO?

Before you begin a search engine optimization campaign you need to ask yourself a question. Is your website ready for SEO? Not having a good foundation to build on will not deliver optimal results. That being said there are some fundamentals to take care of first. 

Is Your Website on an SEO Friendly Platform?

Some website platforms are more SEO friendly than others. For example, platforms such as GoDaddy and Weebly are hosted platforms and have limitations. Self hosted platforms such as WordPress do not have those same limitations and are open source allowing for more customizations. If you already have an existing website and are wanting to start an SEO campaign you need to factor in what platform your site is on and decide if a switch is necessary. If so, getting a new site built on a more SEO friendly platform is step one. It is not the end of the world to use a hosted platform like Wix or Squarespace but know that down the line you might run into a few snags.

Is Your Content Ready for SEO?

How much content do you have? A website that is thin on content has a lower chance of ranking than a site that has lots of focused, relevant content. Content drives SEO and is a necessary component of a healthy campaign. Once you have ample content, your website will be more ready for SEO.

Is Your Website Hosting Fast and Reliable?

Can your hosting provider handle the additional traffic your site will be bringing in and is it secure? If not, it is time to upgrade your hosting. Having fast and reliable website hosting is an absolute essential for getting your website ready for SEO. There are plenty of providers out there depending on your needs but a lot of our clients use WP Engine, AWS and Bluehost to name a few. The larger your site the more important it is to have a dedicated server but sometimes shared servers can get the job done for a smaller site. Just be careful when choosing a shared server as they have more potential to go down.

Is Your Website Responsive?

A responsive website is another must have. As we all use our mobile phones more and more, ensuring a positive user experience is more important than ever. Google has put an increased emphasis on the user experience if you needed another reason to put the extra effort in to this. Your website needs to display correctly and in a friendly way regardless of the device type. For example, having a small button on a desktop is ok as we use a mouse to click it but on a phone our fingers need a bigger button and your website needs to make that accommodation. You also do not want an important part of your page getting cut off due to a lack of responsiveness.

Do You Think You Are Ready?

If you have the basics taken care of then it is time to get going! If you don’t then we can help with that too. At Aleada Media Group we specialize in SEO and can help your business make the jump it needs. To learn more or get started call us at 760.452.0856, email us at [email protected] or contact us here.